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The Truths You May Wish to Know About Nopalea Juice

A lot of people are becoming more conscious of their health these days, thanks to the busy and fast-paced living they have. A proof to that is the abundance of health-related products being sold at your nearest health and food shop.

And one of such products available out there is a super juice known as Nopalea. This is from TriVita, a manufacturer known for its numerous health and wellness products.

Powerful ingredient obtained from the desert

This juice's claim to fame is an ingredient extracted from the fruits of a plant: nopal cactus. Also known as prickly pear cactus or nopales, this plant is native to the Sonoran desert. It sits right where the United States and Mexico meet - one of the hottest and largest deserts found in North America.

The natives of the Sonoran desert have been employing this plant throughout history for its health and medicinal properties.

Bottling the product for consumption

Harvesting the fruits of the nopal cactus is no easy task, as it requires proper timing and process. When ready to be extracted, they're shipped to the state-of-the-art facility of TriVita. A sweetener is added for taste.

However, the manufacturer uses an all-natural one called agave nectar or syrup. This sweetener comes from the plant of the same name. Produced commercially in Mexico, it's known to be sweeter than honey.

The role of antioxidants to our body

TriVita takes pride in the antioxidants found in its super juice. There are numerous kinds of antioxidants. Betalaines are the ones particularly found on this product. They're actually pigments; hence, the fruit's vibrant pink coloring.

As antioxidants, betalaines help in neutralizing harmful free radicals before they attach themselves to the cells of your body, taking away their health.

A variety of health benefits bought about by the juice

According to the manufacturer, there are numerous health benefits to reap from consuming this juice. Since antioxidants in it can fight off free radicals, signs of aging can be delayed. That's because the cells' optimum health are maintained.

The product also helps in removing toxins accumulated within the body. Toxins are obtained from the environment. They're in processed foods, polluted air and water, tobacco smoke, etc.

What's more, this juice also helps shutting down chronic inflammation, keeping your immune system from destroying even healthy cells.

Side effects, as of now, haven't been noted by those who are consuming Nopalea. However, prior to trying out this product or similar ones, it's best to talk with your doctor first. This is particularly true if you have a medical condition or you're taking prescription medicines at present.

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